How to celebrate Valentines Day in Lockdown

As we approach into almost a full year of many restrictions and rules in place around the country, we would love to spend at least one day with our loved ones again. Especially our significant partners you may not have been able to see for awhile - unless you live together and on that note, I feel sorry for you.

Yet with just about already doing everything possible and allowed with your loved ones throughout the year, what else is there to do to celebrate this occasion that is supposed to be filled with so much love?

Netflix Party

A free website that lets you watch Netflix series, films, documentaries in a group with friends online. Built in with a messaging platform so you can watch a show with your significant lover at the exact same time and message each other your thoughts and reactions. All you need is both of you logged into a Netflix account and some popcorn to watch the show.

Order some flowers and chocolates

Simple but goes along way. Support local florists or self-made chocolate businesses that can add an extra value to someone during this busy season. Flowers can be customised to a certain colour, bouquet and even the box it comes in. Something girls will love and brighten their day by. Especially if you include their favourite flower or add a note.

A walk to remember

Not just watch the film but take a romantic stroll together and reminisce the memories you both have together and throughout your relationship. How did you first meet? Who fell inlove first? Test each other and remember the great times you have had so far together. An intimate moment without passion by just speaking your mind and making each other smile. Mark the occasion by taking cute selfies or polaroids together to show your celebrating the day together.

Dance party

If you live together and are missing the clubs, why not throw yourselves a party with both of your favourite songs and artists- you may even discover some new music and remember the very unhygienic nights out we used to have before the pandemic -seriously, its crazy to think how unsanitary we were in them venues.

Have a drink, get some snacks and get up and boogie until the night is over. FaceTime some of your friends too so they can enjoy the fun!

Happy Valentines from GirlUninterrupted! Ill be spending my Valentines alone this year but would love to hear from you and your plans with your loved ones this year. Message any photos or a description and you may have a chance of being in our next article or social media post.

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