Happy Halloween!

Wow my first blog post, on the spookiest day of the year. I guess there isn't much else to do though really. COVID has ruined one of the best days of the year. At least I can dress up for work, although I would be a devil under the mask (no pun intended) it gives the 'Karens' another reason to possibly complain about the uniform haha. I currently work at New Look and honestly, I do love my job. Ive worked in fashion retail since I was 16 years old when I began working in Matalan. Hopefully my career will be based in that sector. Imagine,,, Sydney, Digital Marketer of Nasty Gal. That would be a dream.

Anyway less of me, how are you? Life is so hectic right now, its important to ask that question a lot. Even if the response is 'i'm fine' or 'okay' let them know you care about them. Loneliness is a big issue this year, and will be an excerpt in my magazine that will be available soon! Even if you can't see them, try to call, FaceTime, or even send a lovely letter in the post to them! Then they have something to keep and hang up so whenever they feel sad in the future they can readit again. I use the site 'Thortful' and they have so many cute and/or funny cards I love people to recieve in the post. They're cheap too. Remember, im always here for you too if you want to send me an email or send a message in the sites chat box!

So what are you being for Halloween this year? Im going to a small party later and I've got my outfit planned out. Ill give you a hint who it is in the image below. Hint: she's from a TV series. Honestly I thought my costume was good until I realised that 60% of my friends have never watched this series and won't know who I am.

Love, Sydney x

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