Our first female Vice President, Kamala Harris

November 10th 2020

After 4 years of Donald Trump running as the 45th President of The United States he has been voted out (at long last). As Joe Biden won the popular vote by 290 votes, this means we an expect to see him move into the White House on January 20th 2021. 

However, not only did America get a new president, we also get to say goodbye to Mike Pence who was the old Vice Presidential candidate. Instead, meet Kamala Harris!

Not only is she the first female Vice President, she is the first African American and Asian high -ranking female in US history.

Since studying law at The University of California, she as worked her way up the ranks; starting as a District Attorney of California in 1990, the San Fransisco in 2004, to US Senator in 2017. 

In 2005, she won the Thurgood Marshall Award, that same week she was featured in Newsweek along with 19 other women profiling '20 of Americas most powerful women'. Since then she has won awards from Howard University and the Bipartisan Justice Centre for her work and leadership in environmentalism. 

We can't wait to see what changes Kamala Harris will make to American soil!


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