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July 2011
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Cheese ice cream

I’m baaa-aaack!

Did you miss me?

Heck, it’s quite possible that you didn’t even notice. But for those that did, all four of you, there is no real excuse for the radio silence so let’s just blame the weather, this whole rain-hot-rain-hot thing that’s going on at the moment is pulping all my creativity. I’m having a mental blog – with bad puns as the main side effect.

So what’s new? Adina has moved out for a month. You’ll be relieved to hear this isn’t because I’ve broken her mandoline slicer: she’s gone to visit the Filipino side of her family with Josh. This is actually a trip I did with her in 2005 for the finale of our Gap Yah travels, the highlight of which was meeting her Great Uncle Jim, who had a toupee and a drawn-on moustache. She chose to tell me this less than 30 seconds before Uncle Jim arrived so I had no time to prepare myself mentally. She also told her granny I would love to try a traditional Filipino pudding, then sniggered as a bowl of what looked and tasted exactly like sweet baked beans in jelly was placed in front of me and, out of sheer, bloody-minded politeness, I ate the whole thing.

We stayed for a week with her grandparents in Manila, which I thought was called Vanilla right up until my plane took off:

‘Where are you off to?’


‘Ah. Where’s that?’

‘It’s the capital of the Philippines’


‘Oh right. Yeah, I know’

(As you can see, my friends are as good at geography as I am)

During our visit we traveled to a beautiful island called Boracay; big on thong necklaces and very cheap cocktails. Adina’s granny felt we were too young to travel un-chaperoned for the island leg and insisted on Weng the cook and Ding the driver coming with us, whose zero experience of flying coincided disastrously with our plane having to make an emergency landing just after it’d taken off, as the Catholic passengers of the tiny plane held hands and prayed for our souls.

Also, despite the fact that Adina is half-Filipino and I am blonde, many people we met insisted we must be sisters. This didn’t make much sense to me, but then again nor does cheese ice cream, so perhaps it’s just a cultural thing.

We have a nice Adina-upgrade for the month called Daniella, whom Stacey has already taken a shine to after she expressed a mild interest in Come Dine With Me. Stacey loves Come Dine With Me, it’s her signature TV programme. I can always tell she’s home when I walk through the door if I can hear strains of the snarky CDWM voiceover man drifting down from the living room. She too is going off traveling for six weeks later in the summer (she has a long teacher holiday) just as Adina returns from the Philippines, probably sniggering about how she made Josh try the baked bean pudding from hell.

Josh, if you’re reading this, don’t accept any puddings. Nothing is safe –  not even ice cream.



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